​​Workshops are an excellent way to meet and work with other dog owners, receive personalized attention and overcome issues in a positive, fun way.  City Dogs offers workshops in the Midtown area focusing on:

Recharge Your Recall  - $45  -  June 16th

In-Peron and Dog Session 

June 16th 10am to 11:30am @ Oriole Park

Imagine only having to call once....this workshop will provide tips, tricks and practice to have your dog recalling like a star inside and out.

​LOOSE LEASH WALKING - $45 - July 14th 

In-Person and Dog Session

10am to 11:30am in the cemetery

Leash walking is difficult, and quite unnatural for your dog.  In this workshop we will help your dog to understand that good things happen when they walk with you.  You will learn what is motivating your dog on a walk and how you can use this to your advantage.


FALL 2019

Agility is an amazing way to bond with your dog, have a great time and practice foundation skills (without your dog even knowing it!).  Come out and get your dog jumping over jumps, going through tunnels and learning to weave.  Put all your new skills together for a competition for the last session.