​​Workshops are an excellent way to meet and work with other dog owners, receive personalized attention and overcome issues in a positive, fun way.  City Dogs offers workshops in:

​RECALL - 1 hour session with your canine companion - $25

Returning in the Spring

Imagine only having to call once....this workshop will provide insight as to why your dog is not coming when called and practice activities that will have your dog WANTING to come when you call.

​LOOSE LEASH WALKING - 1 hour session with your canine companion - $25​ - Returning in the Spring

Leash walking is difficult, and quite unnatural for your dog.  Learn how to keep your dog's attention during a walk and lessen pulling in a fun, positive way.

JUMPING - 1 hour session with your canine companion - $25

Returning in the Spring

It's nice to see that your dog is so happy to see your or your company, but are you tired of muddy paws all over your clothes or apologizing to strangers?  Understand why your dog jumps and how to correct this in a way that makes them want to keep their paws on the ground.


Learn With Your Dog


CLICKER TRAINING 101 - 2 hour session - humans only - $35

You have heard of clicker training - it seems to work but also seems to be out of your realm.  Not at all!  This two hour session will go over why it works, how it can be successful and have your practice on fellow humans before using it with your dog.  This workshop will set you up for success by learning and practicing the mechanics, timing and ways to incorporate clicker training with your dog's specific needs.

Date: April 11th from 7pm to 9pm

Location - 319 Merton St.

​Maximum 15 attendees