City Dogs is open to regular, once and a while and emergency walks in the Midtown area.

Would your dog rather all the attention?  One on one walks are available Monday through Sunday.   Walk report included.

Would your dog rather a little more canine socialization with their walk?  There is a process to get to know your dog and assure that everyone will get along.  Please contact to set up a meeting.  Walk report included.

Can't get home in time to let your dog out for a break?  Emergency walks are available Monday to Sunday.  Walk report included.

Do you need some help with leash pulling, desensitization or just general walking?  City Dogs can help with these issues on a walk while you are at work!  Assessment report, homework and meet up are included.

$25 / 40 minutes

$18 / 40 minutes

$20 / 30 minutes

$45 / 45 minutes