‚ÄčPopular skill building training  sessions have focused on: recall, leash walking, desensitization of children, bikes, cars and/or elevators, riding on the TTC, drop/leave it, barking....the list goes on!  Training is provided in your home or at a location that is best for you and your dog.

Initial Consultation:  $95

*  Personal meeting

*  Training plan overview

*  Discussion of the training plan before commencing

Skill Building Training Sessions - $50 / session

*  personal meeting

*  Training homework activities

*  Training report

*  Overview of the next session (if required)

Introductory Package - $199

Initial consultation and three training sessions are included.

Behavior Modification deals with low to moderate reactivity, separation anxiety or resource guarding.  

Initial Consultation:  $95

*  Personal meeting in your home

*  Training plan overview

*  Written summary of meeting and training outline

Behavior Modification Training Sessions - $75 / session

*  Training session

*  Organization of other people or dogs for reactivity

*  Report with homework

*  Overview of next session

A three session package after the initial consultation is available for $200

Training is not necessarily the word to describe our sessions at City Dogs- it assumes that we know something that our dog doesn't.  In actual fact, we are the ones learning about our dog in training.  Dogs are consistent - so the focus will be on learning what your dog is saying and how to communicate back to them.  Every dog communicates differently, has different likes and dislikes.  City Dogs looks at each dog as an individual and provides various methods and techniques to achieve success.