Andrea Dinan (CPDT-KA - IPDTA - KPA Foundations)

Combining her educational background with her love for animals, Andrea created City Dogs to increase knowledge, communication and the bond between canines and their humans.  You can find Andrea walking, training and organizing workshops for dogs and humans in Midtown Toronto.

Andrea's training methods focus on motivating the dog (and dog parents) so that the training process is engaging and fun.  Training should be a natural part of your day and should be something to look forward to.  At the same time, your dog should be in a frame of mind to be open to learning.  This is where body language becomes an important part of training.   Andrea realizes that every dog is different and each family has a different set of goals to achieve.  All these factors are taken into consideration during the planning and the actual training.

Andrea is also the Founder of EduCanine, an organization that provides in-person and online workshops and courses for dog parents and dog professionals on a variety of topics to help with common issues.  Workshops and courses are taught by a collaboration of reputable and certified dog trainers.

Andrea is certified by the Council for Professional Dog Trainers ( a member of the  International Positive Dog Training Associationand a member of the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

Learning is power and the more you know, the more you want to know.  Here are some of the latest completed courses and those still in progress:

Certified by the Council for Professional Dog Trainers

ICS Dog Training Diploma

Karen Pryor Academy Training Foundations

Bronze Level Training 1 - FENZI Academy

​Control Without Conflict - Deb Jones - FENZI Academy

​Thresholds - Amy Cook - FENZI Academy

Science Based Dog Training by Ian Dunbar

Tellington TTouch Seminar

Pet CPR through St. John's Ambulance

​Resource Guarding  - Caryn Charlie Lyles, TCCE

​Sound Phobias - Caryn Charlie Lyles, TCCE

Inside Your Dog's Mind - Victoria Stillwell

Science Based Dog Training - Ian Dunbar


Canine Correspondence Studies: Dog Training and Behavior Therapy

Crucial Concepts in Dog Training and Behavior - Ian Dunbar

Doggone Safe Certification

"Fear" through the School of Canine Science

Dog Training 101 - Jean Donaldson

Dog Parkour - International Dog Parkour Association