Meet Andrea Dinan - CPDT-KA


Adrienne & August

Andrea is amazing. Very thoughtful in her approach and provided us with so much insight and assistance through the puppy and adolescent stages. We recommend her highly!

Andrea is also the Founder of EduCanine, an organization that provides in-person and online workshops and courses for dog parents and dog professionals on a variety of topics to help with common issues.  Workshops and courses are taught by a collaboration of reputable and certified dog trainers.

Andrea is a true dog nerd and is constantly researching and studying behavior, motivations, techniques and best practices to help dogs live their best life with their guardians.  Here are a few of Andrea's favorite courses or workshops that she has taken:

Certified by the Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA)

Karen Pryor Academy Training Foundations

Dog Aggression Master Course through

ICS Dog Training Diploma

Aggression in Dogs Seminar - Michael Shikashio & Trish McMillian

Tellington TTouch Seminar

Andrea is currently studying:

Fear Free Dog Trainer Certification

Canine Correspondence Studies: Dog Training and Behavior Therapy

Doggone Safe Certification

Andrea is bonded and insured to offer one to one and training classes through ProFur.

Irena & Andi


I highly recommend Andrea. I have two dogs Tails and Cruz that she has helped me address certain behavioural issues.  She has made my training journey both fun and rewarding!

Andrea's specialties lie in helping dogs and their guardians navigate the canine-human relationship starting at puppyhood, getting through the teenage phase and working with dogs who have anxiety or reactivity.

Andrea's main goal is to make training fun, effective and motivating for dogs and humans!  Each dog and their guardians have special needs, goals and motivations that are central to planning and executing effective training sessions. 

Meet Chandru Gopalakrishnan - KPA Certified


Paws up for City Dogs! Andrea's dedication and approach puts you at ease from the start . Fun and interactive classes make this whole training experience awesome . Tools and support is there along with the great advice / tips that work !

Gala, Tails & Cruz

What to Expect

Chandru’s journey with dogs started when he quit his data analytics career in San Francisco and relocated to Toronto. He started boarding and walking dogs part time, found it very fulfilling emotionally to be spending time with dogs and decided he wanted to do this for a living.

He got introduced to clicker training when he attended a Puppy Socialization class and immediately decided to become a trainer himself. Since then, he's been focused on getting more experience training with dogs and as a walker while also completing the Karen Pryor Professional course, and working as a classroom assistant at When Hounds Fly until earlier this year. 

Chandru is passionate about dog training that focuses on creating deeper bonds between pets and their handlers and hopes to someday work with rescues back home in India.